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Image The medical laboratory is one of the cornerstones of modern science. Health care services are being utilized more frequently than the past. Now a days there has been an increasing dependence of patient care and epidemiological research on laboratories. Therefore the demand for quality result from the medical laboratories has been echoed by all level of health care professionals. Unreliable laboratory result may have serious consequence for the health of an individual and as well as community.


Departmental Library

Image Departmental library containing all the latest edition more then 100 books in different subject in medicine.
Research activities:

  1. School based de-worming campaign demands simultaneous improvement of community sanitation status: Field Findings from Nasirnagar, Bangladesh.


Project Completed


  1. Clinical Pathology Deptt & Save the Children (USA) Jointly Carried out a Research Project Entitled  " Baseline study of School Health Nutrition Program of Save the Children, USA for accessing the prevalence of anaemia and worm infestation among the primary school students in Nasirnagar, B. Baria " January /04 to April/04.