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Departmental Library


Departmental library containing all the latest edition more then 100 books in different subject in medicine.
Research activities:

  1. School based de-worming campaign demands simultaneous improvement of community sanitation status: Field Findings from Nasirnagar, Bangladesh.
  2. Mandatory Donor Selection And Screening of Donor’s Blood For Transfusion Transmissible Infections, Declining Paid Blood Donation in Bangladesh.
  3. Accessibility of the Sexually Transmitted Infection & Reproductive  Tract Infection Patients to the Government Health Care Services in Rural Areas of Bangladesh.
  4. A single pathological grading system for breast carcinoma should be adopted in Bangladesh.
  5. RDWI is better Discriminant than RDW in Differentiation of Iron Deficiency Anaemia and Beta Thalassaemia trait.
  6. Role of Hematologic Scoring System in Early Diagnosis of Neonatal Septicemia.
  7. Value of Discrimination Indices in Screening of Beta Thalassaemia Trait.
  8. Evaluation of Hematologic Parameters and C-reactive Protein as Early Predictors for Neonatal Septicaemia.
  9. Chronic Eosinophilic Leukemia : A case Report.
  10. Value of Dysmorphic Red Cells and GI Cells By Phase Contrast Microscopy in the Diagnosis of Glomerular Diseases.
  11. Role of discrimination indices in differentiation of Beta Thalassaemia Trait and Iron Deficiency anaemia.
  12. Role of Light Emitting Diode (LED) Fluorescence Microscopy in the Diagnosis of Smear. Negative Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
  13. Haematopoietic Recovery on Induction Therapy in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia by automated Reticulocyte analysis.
  14. Usefulness of light emitting diode (LEF) fluorescent microscopy as a tool for apid and effective method for the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis.
  15. Immature reticulocyte fraction as a predicator of bone marrow recovery in children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia on remission induction phase.
  16. Role of immunological methods of Fecal Occult Blood Test for Screening Colorectal Diseases.
  17. Light emitting Diode (LED) Fluorrscent Microscopy : a Milestone in the Detectin of Paucibacillary Mycobacterium in Case of Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
  18. Role of red cell distribution width (RDW) in teh detection of iron deficiney anaemia in pregnancy within the first 20 weeks of gestation.
  19. Evaluation of serum calcium level measurement in total Thyroidectomy patient- A prospective study in tertiary Hospital.
  20. Ealy diagnosis of Neonatal Septicemia by Hematologice Scoring Syste. C-Reactive Protein and Serum Haptoglobin.

Joint research project with nationally with different department BSMMU & other hospitals.

  1. " Comparative study of transvaginal sonography & serum 125 assay in differentiating between   benign & malignant adenexal mass in pre & post menopausal women ": M.S. thesis in Obstetrics & Gynaecology deptt-2003.
  2. " Evaluation of a risk of malignancy index based on ultrasound finding, menopausal status & serum 125 in accurate per-operative diagnosis of adenexal mass" M.S thesis in Obs & Gynae 2002.
  3. " Effects of Zinc & iron in the prevention of arsenic accumulation in different tissues of rat" M.Phil thesis in pharmacology deptt-2003.
  4. Publication Sl. No-27&28 with pharmacology deptt. BSMMU-2 paper.
  5. Publication Sl No-29 with deptt with Medicine & Virology deptt-1 paper
  6. "Iron parameters in precelampsia", M.S. Thesis in obs & Gynaecology-
  7. Comparison of haematological value between SGA(LBW) & AGA (LBW) babies  " MD thesis in Neonatology deptt
  8. Effect of Renin-Angiotonsin system (RAS) inhibitors(ACE) & blockers (ATRB) on  essential hypertension (HTN)- ERASIB-HTN trial - A joint collaboration studies with clinical pathology , cardiology & nephrology department.